FAQs about the April 21st mobile-friendly update

https://engineering.purdue.edu/~liu396/paper/?id=online-writing-help&ts=1 We’d like to share answers to your frequently asked questions. For background, in February, we announced that the mobile-friendly update will boost the rankings of mobile-friendly pages — pages that are legible and usable on mobile devices — in mobile search results worldwide. (Conversely, pages designed for only large screens may see a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results.) To get us all on the same page, here are the most frequently asked questions:

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General FAQs

thesis proposal template humanities greatest american essays go to link 1. Will desktop and/or tablet ranking also be affected by this change?

No, this update has no effect on searches from tablets or desktops. It affects searches from mobile devices across all languages and locations.

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student doing homework It’s a page-level change. For instance, if ten of your site’s pages are mobile-friendly, but the rest of your pages aren’t, only the ten mobile-friendly pages can be positively impacted.

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https://engineering.purdue.edu/~liu396/paper/?id=introduction-hypothesis&ts=1 essays on media violence affecting children medical competitions essays 3. How do I know if Google thinks a page on my site is mobile-friendly?


follow url Individual pages can be tested for “mobile-friendliness” using the Mobile-Friendly Test.


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